Airy meadow

    Flower seed mixture consisting of 30% flower seeds and 70% grasses – different bent grasses and fescues. Permanent – it will greatly reduce your lawn mowing work and will form a natural meadow view of your home.

    Sowing time: May to end of August.
    Flowering: from June to August.
    Mowing: once per year  (end of September)
    It is mandatory to allow all flowers to blow up and let fall down all seeds.

    One Summer

    Flower seed mixture “ONE SUMMER” consists only of flower seeds. The dominant colors are yellow and blue. If the Poppy flower will like your soil, then the red poppy flowers will become a bright accent.

    Sowing time: spring.
    Flowering: from the Midsummer until the beginning of August.
    It is intended for one year, but if all seeds fall down and overwinter- then you can try to leave it for the next year.


    We offer a wide selection of species from our European collaborators, as well as some species that we have growed in Latvia. Our cooperation partners in Europe have more than 300 different flower seeds and around 100 grasses – we will find what you are looking for!

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