Turf seeds for industrial areas

    Roadsides, recreacion areas, airports and other lawns with extensive use. Low maintenance lawns for integration in area.
    SIA “KRASTMAĻI SĒKLAS” piegādājuši zāliena sēklas industriālajiem objektiem:

    • Airport “RĪGA”  –  100ha
    • Airport “LIEPĀJA”  – 30ha
    • Latvian roads “A5”, “A2”, “A9” and others
    • Old “Liepājas Cukurfabrika” area after recultivation

    Seeds for your lawn

    Garden is part of every home and lawn in part of almost every garden. Beautiful backyard lawn is demanding to its owner, but it brings joy and pride – I have such a beautiful lawn!

    SIA “KRASTMALI SĒKLAS” has supplied self-produced or European-produced grass seed blends from small city center house lawn to  large, multi-hectare lawns around private homes.

    Seeds for SPORT USE

    SPORT pitches is different from other turfs – they have to be wear tolerant and always in perfect condition! Even in Northern climate with hard winters.

    SIA “KRASTMAĻI SĒKLAS” seed mixtures for sport use have used in:

    • Football pitches in Latvia ( Liepaja, Riga, Jelgava and others)
    • Golf courses in Latvia and Georgia
    • Horse training pitches

    Seed mixtures for personal use

    Each client have his own needs and conditions to get perfect lawn. KRASTMALI SEKLAS is ready to make individual mixtures regarding your demands on composition.

    KRASTMALI SEKLAS have done some really interesting seed mixtures to:

    • SOD production with extra quality,
    • Airport “Riga” un “Liepaja”,
    • Green roofs for individual houses,
    • Private jet/helicopter landing places,
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